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Hello World

📝 My first blog

Back in high school around April 2020, I first kicked off my blogging journey using a public platform known as “Official Account (Chinese: 公众号)”, part of WeChat (Chinese: 微信). But soon after, I felt that something was wrong.

I noticed that some of the content I’ve posted there “disappeared” (i.e. deleted, blocked from searches, etc.) for no reasons. So, I began checking out other specs of WeChat. I started from another WeChat feature called “Moments (Chinese: 朋友圈)”, which has some similarities with “Official Account”. Then group chats, personal chats and so on. As I inspected them more and more and went through published research ( here’s an interesting one specifically about Wechat), I came to realize that it wasn’t just censorship on “Official Account”, nor on WeChat, but everything in our society.

When things around us mysteriously vanish, “poof” just like that, out of no reason. That’s where issues arise. The Internet, where “Inter-” means every individual is a contributor to it, transitioning from a liberated network to a monitored “Intranet” is not the solution.

💭 Imagine: What will the blog be like?

Then, I started thinking about what’s important to the blog. The first thing that came to mind is privacy. I need a system that respects the privacy of both the publisher (that’s all the contributors here) and the viewer (that’s you who is reading this blog) to replace any common platforms that have tons of monitoring mechanism implemented (which include…most things in many of our lives nowadays), let alone censored content.

Next comes knowledge sharing; I embrace learning through the journey of life, unrestricted by textbook-style education. Sharing stories with you and other readers resonates closely with that philosophy.

Last but not least, embracing the diversity of the world. Enabling the expression of opinions on the blog is essential and precious to me, as it provides a portal into unseen realms. And…sharing our life stories is always interesting, isn’t it? :)

🏳️‍🌈 2024还在写独立博客的人们

这一段我希望用简中来写。在我第一个博客公开的那段时间里,经常有人提出质疑: “你这博客不就是瞎说吗, 你有事实依据吗”, “都2020了,写博客有什么意义?”, “写博客还不如发小红书, 抖音…"。首先很高兴有人能提出问题,问题的出现代表着我们在思考,我们在进步。提出问题是什么?如果我的博客是你的发泄对象,你提出问题只是为了宣泄生活中的压力,我觉得没问题,很欢迎你的再次光临。但发泄完了,这个问题是否有意义?如果你认为我的博客是毫无根据,你同样可以表达你的观点,提出反证。

至于写博客有什么意义,2020的问题到现在已经要改成2024了,“都2024了,写博客有什么意义?” 上一段 “ Imagine: What will the blog be like?“介绍的更多是The MOAZ Blog和4年前的博客有什么区别。但为什么还是延续了博客的形式?除了” 前面“聊到的原因以外还有什么?很多的孩子们都面临着重重困难,在学校里老师否定你: “成绩不好还玩什么别的,玩这些一点用都没有!",回到家里家长质疑你: “看什么课外书,今天的作业做完了赶快预习明天的!"。我们的社会无处不充斥着过度压力导致的躁与乱。成年人影响着孩子,而孩子们作为这个社会的一部分,延续着这个循环。


“好的”, “为什么?”

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